Deja Vu (Principles from My Spiritual Father)

The fam

Wouldn’t it be great if when we were told or advised to do something that we would just do it the first time? Wouldn’t it be awesome if when after an altar call or deep committment that we would begin to live it out in our daily lives right away?  These were just some of the many questions that have been running through my mind lately.  Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to study a man that has been a father figure in my life.  But not only has he modeled many things but I see now that everything had purpose.  Here are some of the things that I have learned from him.

  • Be Intentional: Everything we do should be intentional.  We should never do things just to do them.  There should always be a reason.  Pastor Patrick always had me think things through.  It was never a question of what I was doing (methods) but the question was always motive.  This helped me to think progressively.
  • Asking ‘why’ is the best question: He taught me to ask questions.  I was someone who in the beginning always had the feeling of…why ask? Shouldn’t I already know.  The problem…I didn’t always know what to do.  He taught me that the best question was “why?” Why do you do what you do? Why do we do this? And so many other great questions.
  • Talent is great, but Character is needed: Character will keep you.  It’s not a matter of talent, abilities or even skills.  We can’t rely on our intellect…it will never keep us.  He taught me to focus more on my spiritual backbone, my committment to Christ rather than a love for ministry or being wrapped up in giftings.
  • Don’t go after the limelight: So many people chase after this.  And to be honest, it’s not always the best route to go.  He taught me that the humble road is usually the best road to take.  Being behind the scenes is never a bad thing.  He taught me never to promote myself.  And to be honest I would be nothing without him and the Urban Training Center.
  • Work in someone else’s field and God will give you your own: I see the blessings beginning to fall upon his life right now.  He is now beginning to reap his own field (UTC Europe). But it was only after laying down his life along with his family’s for over 8 years in another country.  I’m so happy for him!

Pastor P

  • Seek Balance: Don’t be an extremist!  Even the Bible talks about how the Lord hates unbalanced scales.  We must constantly learn to prioritize our time.  Key saying, “If you don’t plan your day, others will!” When you learn how to schedule, there’s time for everything.
  • Maximize each moment: You never know when God is just going to show up and blow your mind.  He’s taught me never to take credit for what is God’s and when you really want to do something great for God, allow God to show up and take control.  That’s been his goal whenever he is able to minister God’s word.
  • Think outside the box: I love how he is not stuck on doing things one way.  He is constantly desiring to stay relevant with this generation.  He is a reader who is up to date on what’s taking place all over the world, not just where he is geographically located.  I love how he is open to new ideas, thinkers and even people outside the christian bubble.  Some of my greatest memories were events that sprung up from conversations he had like; Italy, Boot Camp, NO Retreat Revival, Niagra Falls, Operation Mobilization, etc.
  • Critique yourself: The following is a great evaluation tool for you future disciple makers and current disciplers. One time he asked a group of leaders who they were working with.  He then went to those listed and asked them who was working with them.  To his surprise the names didn’t match up.  It was just a check for us to keep us on our toes and really see if those we thought we were discipling actually thought we were discipling them.  Great technique…it was just a reminder that we must “inspect what we expect!”
  • Follow God and be an Example to this Generation: Lastly (actually I could list a lot more) when you decide to follow God, others will follow you.  He is not just someone who has influenced my life but many lives around the world.  It started in Holland even before the UTC…the UTC simply added more to his sphere of influence.  Step out and follow God and watch yourself become a voice for your generation!




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7 responses to “Deja Vu (Principles from My Spiritual Father)

  1. Victor

    Great blog Rob… priceless principles from pdrobbers… In my year and a half with him i also learned how to be my self… and be who Gods called me to be thats total freedom… Thank you Pastor Patrick

    • Robert Brian

      Thank you Pastor Victor. Knowing Pastor Patrick, he’ll give most of the credit to God and Pastor Al for the impact that’s been made in his own life. But I love how he has taken all he has and modeled it for us. He was not only working with single men but a married man on a mission. I believe we’re way better off with the investment that he has made in our lives!

  2. Nikki

    Hey Rob!

    Great blogs! I am reminded of my own experience as well and all the things P Patrick & Sis Cindy took the time to invest in my life as well. What an awesome privelege to be where we’re at now cause surely wouldn’t have seen it years ago. Now we can give back by being models as well and giving our BEST to God!

    • Robert Brian

      It’s crazy how God would use us as role models in our generation. There was a time when nobody wanted us…I thank God that there was a couple that believed in us enough to take us in, make us family and instill everything that had into us!

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